Established in 2005, Maxgaba International Trading Sdn. Bhd. is a direct sales company focusing on helping people to realize the dream of ‘health, wealth, and honor’.

Under the leadership of the company’s founder, Ms. Pam Yap, the core values of “LOVE to Share, Share the LOVE” have formed the core of Maxgabian’s corporate culture, driving Maxgabian towards the goals of “Live to Perfection, Live to the Highest Wealth, and Live to the Best Health”.

Pam Yap has stood proudly for more than 20 years in direct selling world, and has been a guiding light upon the path to break into new markets. She insight fully explores markets, identifying opportunities for new products, grasping the market to win business opportunities, and achieving rapid growth.

Pam Yap has always encouraged complementary abilities among team members while fostering healthy internal competition, and encouraging natural leadership. This has lead to the formation of a highly effective organisation with a market leading sales record, dedication to company values, and unparalleled performance within the sector.

Since its inception. Ms. Pam Yap, who is also the CEO of the company, has adhered to the belief that a person can have the infinite possibilities only through seizing, grasping and conquering the opportunity as well as daring to take the first step, only then the person will have the opportunity to succeed and become the strongman who creates the opportunity.

In year 2008, to realize the ideal of spreading health and wealth throughout the world, the strategic alliance between – ‘Maxgaba International Trading Sdn Bhd’ and ‘Star Micro Technology Sdn Bhd’ has formed “MXB INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS SDN. BHD.” to achieve the pinnacle of success through multiplying effect, at the same time can constantly create a variety of unique and strong superiority.

Taking advantage of the outstanding performance achieved by the two companies in their respective areas of expertise, and optimizing the effectiveness of integrating each other’s resources with their most critical internal resource strengths through strategic alliances, to enhance us to achieve global vision and embrace the international market with a steady and determined pace.

Members of MXB team come from different regions and background They cooperate with each other with their professional qualities and bring their talents and abilities into full commitment They can be regarded as a pluralistic and elite team of professionals in various fields:

• Through the proper planning of development direction and scope. draw up long-term strategy and plan, and also use the network operation way to achieve the result of the strategy even a thousand miles away.

• Powerful enterprise backup support system, which provides the most rapid, direct and powerful as well as effective support for our partners in terms of business flow, financial flow, product flow, information flow and service flow, so that our partners can all out for the their direct selling business without fear and worries, step into one milestone after another.

In August 2008, MXB started a new and wonderful chapter for global marketing, the opportunity to sell Its products globally With the official establishment of the Jakarta (capital of Indonesia) branch, MXB’s strong entry into the Indonesian market also marks a big step forward in

Since then, MXB has left the footprint in expanding its business in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, the Middle East, Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, the United States and other countries.

In year 2018, MXB moved from the 4-storey shopoffice located in Taman Danau Desa (2005 – June 2018) to the 9-storey luxury new office building (MXB TOWER) with an excellent location and convenient transportation. The grand opening ceremony was held on 28th July 2018.

At the beginning of 2019, “Maxgaba International Trading Sdn. Bhd.” and “Healthin International Co., Ltd” signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This event will make MXB possess even more competitive advantages to develop into an outstanding world-class enterprise at a more stable pace, thus realizing all mankind’s ideal desire for wealth and health.

In addition to fully embodying the core business value and philosophy of “people-oriented”, MXB also actively innovate and explore the international market. Adhering to the belief that “everyone can be an entrepreneur and everyone can be healthy”, the ultimate goal of MXB is to develop into an outstanding excellence world-class company. Also, MXB wish to join hands with you step onto the international stage and make you harvest the fruit of your wealth and healthy dream with your own hands.