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Healing Crisis with Traditional Chinese Medical Science of Ultimate-Energy Products
AcidosisWeariness, Thirsty, Micturition, Flatus
HypertensionGiddiness, Heavy Head, Headache, Shoulder Pain, Tachycardia, Blood Pressure Rose, Insomnia, Dizziness
HypotensionDizziness, Headache, Tachycardia
OligochromemiaLightly Nosebleed(Depend on Person)
AnemiaPale Face, Cold Sweating, Dizzy, Pain Limbs
III StomachHeartburn, Inappetence, Abdominal Fullness, Flatus
Gastric UlcerFeel Uncomfortable on Ulcer
GastroptosisStomach upset, Nausea
III IntestinesDiarrhea, Constipation, Abdominal Fullness, Flatus, Cold Sweet, Vomiting
III LiverDrowsy, Insomnia, Itching, Rash Abdominal Pain, Vomiting, Inflamed Eye
Cirrhosis of LiverBloody Stool, Itching, Rash, Abdominal Paint, Vomiting, Inflamed Eye
NephritisWaist Pain, Edema, Micturition, Blood Pressure Rose, Inertia
DiabetesThirst, Itching, Rash, Edema
HemorrhoidExternal Hemorrhoid will become smaller or dry out, Internal Hemorrhoid may have slightly blooding
AcneMore acne in initial stage but it will disappear soon
Chronic Bronchitis
Thirst, Giddiness, Difficult Expectoration
III Respiratory Tracy & LungChest Distress, Tachypnoea, Expectoration, Phlegm (color yellow)
Allergic SkinItching skin in initial stage but it will disappear soon
NeurosisExciting before sleeping or dreamy in initial stage
LeucopeniaThirst, Dreamy, Stomachache
Rheumarthritis Weariness, Stiff, Arthralgia, Timidity
Gout, Uric AcidAching, Healing Crises will vary from person to person
Nasal Disorder Gum, Dry Eye, Tearing, Blurred Vision, Bloodshot Eye
Gynecologic1) Dysmenorrhea - More blood clots during period, waist pain, feel wear on abdomen, pain relief
2) Hormone Disorder- Temporary irregular period and secretions may occurred. Less secretions
3) Itching may disappear around 2 days
Breast Mass, Mammary Gland HyperplasiaFeel Warm, Pinching Paint
Lipoma, FibromaTumor become soft, small and feel warm in initial stage.
Heart Function IrregularPale Face, Cold sweating, Tachycardia, Chest Distress, Dizziness, Shoulder Pain, Sore Throat , Fever.
  • Frequently urinate, heavy color, smelly = body purifying (water supplement)
  • Dry throat, dry mouth and sweaty = body purifying (water supplement)
  • Constipation = please drink more water
  • Red blood cell requires 4 month to metastasis; therefore continually wearing every day for 4 months is needed for first stage.
  • The healing crisis may vary by person, due to individual and different daily life.
  • Kindly reminds everyone staring take good care of your health as early as possible!
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1. Why choose ULTIMATE-ENERGY products?

ULTIMATE-ENERGY products are made by 85%-100% functional fiber. The mineral Tech Fiber’s function will not be affected and stay constants after washed.

2. Why ULTIMATE-ENERGY products can enhance human body energy?

ULTIMATE-ENERGY product is like a filter to human body. It purify our body energy and enhance the positive energy.

3. Why ULTIMATE-ENERGY products can improve circulation system and metabolism?

  • Far Infrared Ray
  • Precious Germs and Jades >White Charcoal > Far Infreared Ray Fine Ceramic
  • Negative Ion
  • Tourmaline Negative Ion > Titanum Ion > Germanium Ion

4. Why ULTIMATE- ENERGY products can activate cell?

Resonance effect for Far Infrared Ray Break down the big water element to small element and increase the speed of blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to the cells accelerating the regeneration and recovery of cells. It also elevated the calcium level in the blood which in turn strengthens the cells and enhances the conditional of the heart.

5. ULTIMATE-ENERGY products combine with Chinese medicine theory to recuperate body function?

ULTIMATE-ENERY products functional textile is different than other functions products. Is combines the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine. ULTIMATE-ENERGY products functional textile works under skin along meridian to massage on acupoint and balancing up body function. It is more like having Chi Gung; an internal system generally considered to be the genesis of Chinese martial arts; the seed from which all of our present systems grew.

6. How the ULTIMATE-ENERGY products negative ion benefits human body?

Ions are electrically charged atoms, carrying either a positive or negative charge. Negative ions are required to sustain life. Scientific studies about negative ions have also show tat some people become moody, tired, depressed, or experience difficulty concentrations either when negative ion counts are low, or when positive ion counts are high (e.g. in front of a television or computer monitor ). In his research report called The Power of Negative Ion Science, Clifton Jolley, Ph. D. states, “ It is the negative ions that bring us health benefits, creating a sustained” feel good factor” as they increase our capacity to use oxygen, raise levels of alertness and increase concentration.”

7. Why negative ion been honored as vitamins in air?

Ions are all around us in daily life, There is nothing unusual about negative ions, Negative ions are created all of the time in nature, such as waves at the beach can create negative ions and so does waterfall. The water mists in falling and electrons are lost in the process, creating that fresh, ozone smell. Negative ions extract form the environment certain bacteria tat cause cold, flu and lung infection. Negative ions bring us health benefits, they increase our capacity to use oxygen, raise level of alertness and relieve aches and paint, even joint pain. Therefore, Negative ions been honored as vitamins in air.

8. Can ULTIMATE-ENERGY products change human body chemistry? Relieve aching??

Atoms are the basic building units of every thing form human beings to rocks. Ions are nothing more that atoms that have an electrical charge, either positive or negative. Atoms are always losing and picking up electrons. Healthy body builds by balanced and organized electrons, but it is rare to find it in today’s life.

Nowadays, easy to find people with shoulder pain, aching and depression, because many outer influences cause we lack of negative ions. When humans lack access to negative ions, body chemistry changes. Charges will lead to bouts of depression, physical fatigue and anxiety.

People with severe, chronic pain report that negative ions therapy relaxes the body and mind, enabling test subjects to better cope with their pain. Other benefits to health include; improved blood circulation, lowered blood pressure levels, improved sleep, joint pain relief and lessened recovery times from injury.

9. Why ULTIMATE-ENERGY products can prevent bacteria growth?

Material of ULTIMATE-ENERGY products contains nano-silver and it is believed that nano-silver extract from the environment certain bacteria that cause cold, flu and lung infection.

10. Could healthy people using ULTIMATE-ENERGY products?

Once ounce prevention better that a pound cure!! ULTIMATE-ENERGY products improving healthy people to fulfill their individual dreams, hopes and missions of success!!

  11. Will ULTIMATE-ENERGY products series expire?

All the products on the world have a expire date, but the date is determined by how we use it. The Mineral Tech Fiber’s functions will not be affected and stay constants after washed. The permanence of function!

12. Can ULTIMATE-ENERGY products apply to washing machine? How to maintain products?

  • Machine wash with cloth-bag
  • Dehydration after washing
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Washing with detergent, but do not apply strong corrosive and bleach
  • Expose to sun regularly

13. Must wear socks?

Foot is the place where stock lots of wasted in our body, so wearing ULTIMATE-ENERGY socks could help to remove wastes and purity our body.

14. Socks will stink?

ULTIMATE-ENERGY socks are deodorizer socks, but if your socks are stinky then congratulations that your feet is purify your body!

15. Why has Healing Crisis ?

Healing Crisis is a sign of turning better. ULTIMATE-ENERGY products’ mainly function is improving the blood circulations and maintain overall good health.

For an example of Healing Crises; after a long drive the central blood vessels in your legs can be compressed, making it harder for the blood to get back to your heart and will lost feeling on leg gradually. But if stand up or stretch the leg; let the blood go through. Then will feel numb on leg and feeling very uncomfortable. The numb here is the Healing Crisis of turning better.

16. Will every user have Healing Crisis effects?

Healing Crisis may occur while ULTIMATE-ENERGY products are purifying human body. The level of Healing Crisis in each person is different.

  • Normal people will only have lightly feeling on Healing Crisis.
  • Health people won’t have strong feeling on Healing Crisis.
  • Less health people will have strong feeling on Healing Crisis.

17. Is UNTIMATE-ENERGY product costly?

We believe in the importance of delivering natural, pure and genuine products to fit every person. We only use the natural and precious materials with high technology to produce ULTIMATE-ENERGY product. Buying ULTIMATE-ENERGY products will gain more than 4 different energies (Far Infrared Ray, Charcoal, Negative ions, Germanium Ions) in one product. This is more efficiency and economy.

18. Will feeling uncomfortable after stop using ULTIMATE-ENERGY products?

ULTIMATE-ENERGY products works physically on human body. It will not cause any side effects on human being. Wearing ULTIMATE-ENERGY products are like having exercise, stop using just like stop exercise. The environment pollution is worse every day, and ULTIMATE-ENERGY product is helping us to maintain our body.

19. How to do with Healing Crisis effects?

Drink water 2000cc and up to help discharge wasted faster everyday. Wasted will discharge from sweat, urine and stool.

20. The smell of ULTIMATE-ENERGY products ?

The Tech fiber is material of nature minerals and charcoal, so you can smell the mineral and charcoal.

21. Why the color of seat and urine is changed after using ULTIMATE-ENERGY products?

Color of seat and urine will become darker and thick after using ULTIMATE-ENERGY products. Some smells sour or stink; it is the smell of bad materials inside our body.

22. Could fibroid patient wear ULTIMATE-ENERGY products ?

Of course! The Far infrared Ray of ULTIMATE-ENERGY products will stimulate circulation and accelerating the regeneration and recover of cells.

23. Could Cancer patient wear ULTIMATE-ENERGY products?

Yes! Adjustment of body functions by using physical property which is natural and also help to relieve the uncomfortable caused by chemotherapy.