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1. How does MAX3 Reborn Cream affect our bodies?

The active ingredients in MAX3 Reborn Cream could be turned into vital body hormones like progesterone, testosterone, cortisol. These hormones will be utilised to regulate the metabolism mechanism and the neural system functions. They also retard aging by supporting the biological functions. In addition, the MAX3 Reborn Cream also nourishes the important glands such as the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, ovaries and testes so that they may function normally which leads to an energized body mechanism due to normalization of the hormonal system.

2. Why MAX3 Reborn Cream can produce drastic result by only applying to the skin?

MAX3 Reborn Cream utilises the PET(Permeation Excipient Technology)delivery technique, together with the rich ingredients like American Wild Yam Extract, Soy Isoflavones, Grape Seed Extract and Jojoba Oil, permeate the skin quickly to produce the amazing results.

3. Is MAX3 Reborn Cream a medicine?

The main ingredient of MAX3 Reborn Cream is American Wild Yam Extract, others include Soy Isoflavones, Grape Seed Extract and Jojoba Oil. These main ingredients are extracted from natural plants. The American wild yam has been consumed internally and externally as traditional herb. With the intention to facilitate the ease of use, all these components are blended into MAX3 Reborn Cream through the application of advance technologies. MAX3 Reborn Cream is a form of health supplement which can regulate body systems’ function. Therefore we regard MAX3 Reborn Cream as a “functional supplement” and not as medicine.

4. Is there any difference between synthesized progesterone or hormone and the natural American Wild Yam Extract?

Dr. John Lee of UCLA Faculty of Pharmacology cautioned that consumption of synthetic progesterone may bring about negative side effects as the drug company had modified the molecular structure of progesterone rendering it difficult to be metabolized by the human body system. On the other hand, the American Wild Yam Extract contains the precursor for hormone, once absorbed by the human body, it will be converted into natural progesterone and other hormones as required by the human body hence will not introduce any ill effects.

5. Will I have to use MAX3 Reborn Cream for the rest of my life? If I stop using the cream after a while, will my skin or body mechanism worse off than before use?

MAX3 Reborn Cream is a “herbal based natural hormone therapy”. Who are the recipients of hormonal therapy? They are the people who experienced insufficient hormonal secretions in the body. Insufficient hormonal level will hasten aging and MAX3 Reborn Cream is used as one of the solutions. Aging is a continuous process; MAX3 Reborn Cream is applied with the aim to reduce the pace of aging. Therefore, when one decides to stop using the cream, the natural aging process will resume its original pace, albeit faster.

6. Will MAX3 Reborn Cream lead to dependency, making the original body mechanism stop functioning or slow down?

MAX3 Reborn Cream does not replace the function of any gland in the body. Instead it nourishes the glands and revitalizes them. It supplies the much needed raw ingredients to the glands enabling them to manufacture the necessary hormones again. MAX3 Reborn Cream rejuvenates the organs, not hindering, hence the situation of dependency does not arise.

7. Hormones should not be consumed freely, they may cause cancer. If I use MAX3 Reborn Cream for a long time, have I risk of causing cancer?

The general synthetic hormone or the external supplementary hormone has risk of causing cancer growth as it stimulates cellular growth, therefore be careful when directly uses them. But MAX3 Reborn Cream supplies raw materials of hormone which for conversion into the hormone by the human body. It is different with the general synthetic hormone or the external supplementary hormone. Therefore MAX3 Reborn Cream has no risk of causing cancer.

8. Isn't hormone usage need a doctor's prescription? How can it be purchase so easily?

The ingredients of MAX3 Reborn Cream are not hormones but raw materials for hormone. When MAX3 Reborn Cream is spread on the skin, the raw materials are absorbed for synthesis by the human body into natural hormones. It is similar to the way people need a substance named carbohydrate, but we won’t buy the carbohydrate to eat, we will eat meal, because the meal will be converted to carbohydrate by the human body. Therefore MAX3 Reborn Cream is to supply raw materials for hormonal production and not consuming the hormone end product directly, it does not need a doctor’s prescription.

9. Can I get the cream obtained from the hospital?

Creams dispensed by the hospitals are synthesized hormones. The chemical structures been altered hence are no longer completely interchangeable with natural hormones though they may create similar effects to the body. Since the 60s, it has been confirmed that synthetic hormones carried with them the risks in contracting cancer. Their efficacies are different and there are risks on side effects. MAX3 Reborn Cream provides the raw materials for hormone production and nourishes the endocrine glands. It allows the human body to manufacture own hormones that are natural and needed. This is self-generated hormone therapy that is what the body need.

10. Can I use MAX3 Reborn Cream when I am consuming hypertension medication?

Normal usage is allowed. People suffering from high blood pressure normally have too much blood fats causing blood vessels to harden thereby raising the blood pressure. Most hypertension drugs work to dilate the blood vessels directly or acting as a diuretic. MAX3 Reborn Cream is to supply raw materials for hormonal production, it works to replenish the progesterone level as progesterone is a natural diuretic therefore aids in blood pressure control. In addition, progesterone can regulate blood fats, increase blood vessel elasticity and preventing hardening of the arteries. A better proposition!

11. Will MAX3 Reborn Cream reduce hair falling?

As age increases, the ovaries become weaker and production of progesterone suffers. When the ovaries stop producing progesterone, the suprarenal glands have to assume the new role in providing the female hormones. In the process of their acquired duties, the glands also produce androgen which is the male hormone in females and causing more facial and body hair growth while hair on the head begin thinning. When the body get enough supply of progesterone, the adrenal cortex of the suprarenal glands need not produce the additional progesterone for replacement, which also mean a reduction in androgen secretion. Progesterone also found to have anti-depression properties as well hence is beneficial for reducing stress and checking hair thinning due to old age.

12. Will MAX3 Reborn Cream help in excessive body hair problem?

The androgen or male hormone secreted by the ovaries and suprarenal glands will encourage hair growth in females. When the female body has high level of testosterone, excessive hair will appear on lips, chin, shoulder and thigh causing undue stress to the woman. Progesterone therapy is the general treatment method employed because it can indirectly suppress the male hormone production process. Since MAX3 Reborn Cream is to supply raw materials for hormonal production, it is the best natural source for progesterone, therefore aptly indicated for excessive hair growth in women.

13. Can MAX3 Reborn Cream help in cuts, laceration and muscle aches?

MAX3 Reborn Cream can lessen sufferings from cuts, cracks, bruises and skin allergies. It can be used to treat skin ulcers. When applied over aching muscles, many found quick relief. Sometimes, some pet owners use the cream to treat their pets for cuts and ulcers as well.

14. Can MAX3 Reborn Cream treat gout?

MAX3 Reborn Cream is healthcare supplement, not medicine. It is not meant for treating any illness. Gout is due to poor metabolism, it is not hormonal induced. However, since MAX3 Reborn Cream aids in glandular secretions which regulate metabolism, incidence of gout could be reduced. In addition, the Cortisol converted from MAX3 Reborn Cream will reduce inflammation and pain, hence the effects from gout will be lessened.

15. My hands and finger joints swelled and inflamed. I can’t even hold a

fist, will applying MAX3 Reborn Cream help?

From recorded statistics, many male and female sufferers had experience in lessen pain and swellings after continuous usage of 5 days apart from getting more agility.

16. After applying MAX3 Reborn Cream before bedtime, I encountered difficulty in sleeping?

By regulating the hormonal level, better quality sleep could be obtained. It is advisable to apply the cream at least four to five hours before bedtime because MAX3 Reborn Cream works rapidly into the hormonal system and energizes the body instead. Therefore, if you have difficulty falling asleep after applying the cream just before bedtime, try doing it earlier as suggested above.

17. Can MAX3 Reborn Cream help in reducing weight?

If the accumulation of fats is due to endocrine imbalance or sluggish metabolism, by applying MAX3 Reborn Cream which helps to normalize the internal secretions and hastened the metabolism; water retention will be reduced, thereby achieving weight reduction purpose. But if you coordinate with proper dietary, physical exercises or massage that helps to burn the unnecessary fats, thereby achieving better weight reduction purpose.

18. Can a man use MAX3 Reborn Cream?

Man can use MAX3 Reborn Cream also. It is to supply raw materials for hormonal production which can be processed by the human body into male hormone. To the aged males, the cream will bring mark improvements on their skin, age-spots and osteoporosis.

19. Will a man becomes a sissy after using MAX3 Reborn Cream?

No, that will not happen. The main ingredient of MAX3 Reborn Cream is the American Wild Yam which can be safely consumed by both males and females. It is a precursor of hormones that supply raw materials for hormonal production. The active ingredient will be converted into progesterone in a female body but will be turned into testosterone in a male body. American Wild Yam nourishes the Thyroid, Adrenal glands, the Testis as well as vitalizes the body mechanism. Therefore, when a man uses MAX3 Reborn Cream, he will not turn into a sissy but become manlier instead.

20. Will MAX3 Reborn Cream increase sexual desire?

Use reasonably will achieve energetic sexual desire. MAX3 Reborn Cream is not an aphrodisiac. However sexual desire is relation to psychological and physiological condition. MAX3 Reborn Cream regulates and rejuvenates the body systems, causes physiological function to be normal, an increase in sexual desire is expected.

21. My daughter is at her puberty period, she is short tempered and easily agitated. Her behavior and school result are on the decline, what can I do to help her?

During puberty, the girl may experience deficiency of progesterone, especially one or two years prior to menstruation. Low calcium level may cause many girls develop depression, erratic mood swing, temperamental, craving for sweeten food and forming rebellious behavior. If natural progesterone of the human body is increased at this time, the above irregular behavioral development will be reduced. MAX3 Reborn Cream is the best way of self-hormone therapy. Continual usage of therapy from puberty to adulthood will assist healthy growth and lessen PMS discomfort.

22. It is better to consume placenta extract?

Placenta extract originated from animal placenta which contains numerous types of bio-active ingredients. The result from use is difficult to predict. Furthermore, animal placentas contain viruses (e.g. AIDS, Hepatitis B) and its process is prone to contamination. These are the factors one should consider before embarking on any treatment using animal placenta extract. On contrast, MAX3 Reborn Cream is self-hormone therapy, being an herb doesn’t give rise to the above stated problems. It is worthwhile to note that the progesterone present in the animal placenta extract could be destroyed by the stomach acids or neutralized by the liver, hence rendering it ineffective.

23. Can MAX3 Reborn Cream be used during menstruation?

Yes, it can be used any time without limitation.  Menstruation - Can continue usage other than those experience exceptional discomfort!  28th day - Use throughout. For maintenance : 1 spoon each time, For treatment : 2 spoons each time (once in morning and once at night. The same usage direction is for normal and post menopausal females.

24. Will MAX3 Reborn Cream reduce menstrual pain?

Menstrual pain and discomfort could be due to reasons like displacement of the endometrium, severe uterine muscle contractions, estrogen or progesterone imbalance, prostaglandin secretion etc. Hormone precursor found in MAX3 Reborn Cream after converted into progesterone, helps to reduce the uterine muscle contractions, avoiding the endometrial cells being slough off in big chunks hence lessening the painful experience.

25. Can MAX3 Reborn Cream provide relief for PMS?

The period between 48 hours prior to ovulation and 24 hours after menstruation, the destabilization of the hormonal balance, especially progesterone, causes body discomforts, commonly know as PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome). Headache, palpitation, cold sweat, tenderness of the breasts are some of the symptoms caused by the drop in progesterone level. When one applies MAX3 Reborn Cream to one’s chest, lower abdomen, inner sides of upper arm and thighs where the cream is rapidly absorbed and turned into progesterone as replenishments, the discomforts will disappear.

26. Why some women experience severe menstrual pain till they have to be confined to bed?

Some females could be experiencing PMS since the very first time. It could be due to the lack of cortisol which is the hormone that can alleviate pain and inflammation. The progesterone converted from MAX3 Reborn Cream which contains precursor of hormone will encourage the adrenal glands to produce the cortisol in relieving pains.

27. Can a woman with endometriosis use MAX3 Reborn Cream?

Endometriosis is a condition in which small pieces of endometrial tissue become implanted and grow in areas outside their normal location i.e. the uterus. These implants, known as endometrioma, frequently found below the navel, pelvic structure, may be lodged as far as the arm, lung or kidney. Under the influence of several female hormones, these endometrioma undergo the same cyclic changes of menstruation as normal endometrium. As the minute hemorrhages outside the uterus have no outlet, the accumulation of them forms into cysts. Progesterone therapy traditionally found to be effective in these cases. MAX3 Reborn Cream is to supply raw materials for hormonal production, being able to be converted to supplement the natural progesterone level thus will produce positive result.

28. I tend to have craving for sweeten food prior to my menses, what should I do?

When the adrenal and other glands are under stress, the pancreas will be stressed out too. It will secret more pancreatic juice to assist the adrenal and other glands. More sugars are metabolized in due course, giving rise to the craving for more sugars. MAX3 Reborn Cream is self-hormone therapy which helps to reduce hungriness. The continuous usage will render the craving disappear.

29. What about when the menses stopped or missed for a period of time?

Females who have interrupted or irregular menses will find the use of MAX3 Reborn Cream beneficial. After using for a few months, most females got to have normal menstrual experience (Dietary habit plays an important role too).

30. Is MAX3 Reborn Cream good for post menopausal symptoms?

Women from 60s to 80s will experience dryness of skin, wrinkles appear on face and hand, blood vessels and brown spots surface on skin. MAX3 Reborn Cream can produce remarkable improvement to the skin after a few weeks, though some may need a longer period. Visible results like disappearance of the brown spots and blood vessels at the back of the hands.

31. Why my skin turned darker after applying MAX3 Reborn Cream? How long will it take treat my pigmentation? How do I use the cream?

Upon reaching middle age, our internal hormonal system begins to slow down thereby losing its balance. Owing to the melanin on the skin is not metabolized fast enough, pigmentation or age spots tend to appear on surface of skin. When you use MAX3 Reborn Cream to correct the situation, your body system will eliminate the excess melanin through the skin, rendering your skin appear to be darker at the initial stage. When the melanin metabolism balance is restored and after the dark corny skin layer shredded, your skin will look fairer and radiant. The process normally will take about 120 days. The standard usage direction should be followed in order to regain a healthier and more radiant skin.

32. My child is short, can MAX3 Reborn Cream help?

MAX3 Reborn Cream can bring positive result in the encouragement of human growth hormone secretion in the body. However, different individual will have different growth rate, hence the ultimate result will be subjective.

33. Can natural progesterone therapy treat osteoporosis?

Most medical professionals will tell menopausal women that osteoporosis is inevitable but Dr. John Lee M.D. proved otherwise. In his many years of research and observation, he successfully treated 100 postmenopausal women by using American Wild Yam Extract, the key ingredient in MAX3 Reborn Cream. Most of the patients have experienced height shrinkage (a symptom of osteoporosis) and a great number has episode of fracture more than once. The research result showed that progesterone production by self-hormone therapy, during the initial 6~12 months of therapy, there is clear evidence for about 10% increase in bone density. An annual 3~5% bone density increment was registered for subsequent years until the normal bone density level of a 35 year old is attained. The restoration was more prominent in the severe cases. No fracture due to osteoporosis was registered for the group. Over the past years, from his practical experience, Dr. John Lee M.D. has proven that osteoporosis not only can be avoided, it can be treated as well. His therapy program has successfully increase bone calcium in the vertebrae, femur, humerus and the ribs. Dr. John Lee confirms that natural progesterone therapy is effective even for woman who was decades after menopause. Among his study group was a 82 years old woman who managed to gain 40% new bone mass after 4 years into his therapy. More amazing discovery was the fact that none of his 100 subjects experienced any bad side effect. Therefore, osteoporosis is not absolutely age induced, rather it is due to hormonal imbalance. Through the use of American Wild Yam Extracts to replenish the raw materials of hormone, manufacture the progesterone, estrogen and other hormones by the human body, together with proper dietary and physical exercises, osteoporosis could be controlled.

34. To counter osteoporosis, one has to consume more calcium plus vitamin D or acidic food to help the calcium absorption, no need to apply MAX3 Reborn Cream?

For the prevention of osteoporosis, it does not depend on the amount of calcium you consumed but it is its absorption. Consuming vitamin D with acidic food will help the digestive track to absorb calcium but will not enable the blood calcium content to be converted into bone mass. Excess blood calcium may give rise to formation of kidney stones or urinary stones. Increasing bone mass with calcium processed by the bio activities promoted by progesterone should be the preferred method always. MAX3 Reborn Cream is self-hormone therapy which converts progesterone by the human body, help to control bone loss. If use MAX3 Reborn Cream together with high quality of vitamin D or acidic food to achieve better result.

35. What is the reason for the alteration of the menstrual cycle after using MAX3 Reborn Cream?

Self-hormone therapy works with the normal biological conditions and manufacture necessary hormone by the human body. As every individual has slightly different hormonal cycle, one’s menstrual cycle may be modified at the initial stage of a self-hormone therapy. Normalization will resume after some time.

36. Is it recommended to use MAX3 Reborn Cream during pregnancy?

Dr. Ndes Laree M.D. of New York Sinai Medical Centre, in his book mentioned that natural progesterone usage will not affect the development of the fetus, but not the same for synthetic progesterone which may cause adverse effects! Dr. Lanteren also found that mothers who had received self-hormone therapy delivered normal child. In one of the study conducted by Dr. Dalton, 90 expectant mothers who received self-hormone therapy were compared to the control group who did not receive the therapy. She observed that most child borne and breast fed by mothers from the test group during the first 6 months started standing up or walking unaided by year one. At the age of 9~10, these children performed better than others in the studies of English language, mathematics, vocabulary command as well as physical works. Another observation was that no one from the test group developed any blood disorders. The MAX3 Reborn Cream is therefore recommended for pregnant women through out their pregnancy. Generous usage of the cream on chest, lower abdomen, inner sides of upper arms and thighs will benefit the mothers especially after child birth.

37. What is the relationship between absorption rate and required quantity of MAX3 Reborn Cream in the case for postmenopausal females?

The faster the absorption rate, the more natural progesterone amount is needed. If the cream is absorbed in less than 2 minutes, it signifies more quantity should be applied. 5 minutes would be a useful guide to gauge your requirement. Usually, you can reach that level after 2 to 4 days of usage.

38. What is the reason for the disappearance of Candidiasis after using MAX3 Reborn Cream?

MAX3 Reborn Cream is to supply raw materials of hormone, raised the hormonal function level, strengthening the inner lining of the virginal and its defense ability against bacteria growth such as Candida.

39. I am taking contraceptive pills now, can I use MAX3 Reborn Cream?

Most contraceptive pills contain synthetic progesterone which has side effects. We would recommend to suspend usage MAX3 Reborn Cream in ovulation and menses, the safe period may continue to use as MAX3 Reborn Cream contains raw materials of hormone production which converts into hormones by the human body, it is different with synthetic hormones or external supplemental hormones. MAX3 Reborn Cream can suppress the ill effects from synthetic progesterone.

40. Should I use MAX3 Reborn Cream after removal of uterus or ovaries?

Many women have had their uterus or ovaries removed prior to menopause. Some may have to put up with hot flushes. From reports gathered, the generous application of MAX3 Reborn Cream once in the morning and once at bedtime helped in the reduction of hot flushes symptoms. Within the hour after the hot flush, apply the cream 4 times and continue in this manner till the number of hot flushes is reduced or stopped completely. Most women who adopted this method obtained total relief after 3~8 weeks. The efficacy may vary from individual to individual but the skin will certainly become softer and more radiant, wrinkle and age spots reduced after using MAX3 Reborn Cream over a period of time.

41. What is 'precursor'?

The main active ingredient of MAX3 Reborn Cream is American Wild Yam that can be absorbed through the skin and subsequently turned into important hormones for the human body. The hormones thus produced will then be released through the endocrine system to regulate various body functions in the most natural and automatic fashion. Therefore it is recognized as the raw material for the generation of natural hormones by the human body. “Precursor” in this context meant raw material.

42. How can MAX3 Reborn Cream replenish the raw material for hormones generation?

MAX3 Reborn Cream could play such vital role due to one of the main active ingredients is American Wild Yam, a special species from over 700 types found around the world, the molecular structure of which is similar to that of the human hormone. It contains more than 50 kinds of hormone precursor, which upon absorption, could be transformed into the actual hormones needed by the human body.

43. What are the differences between the self-generated hormone and those extracted from animal, plants or chemically synthesized hormones?

Hormones derived from animals, plants or chemicals will never be completely interchangeable with the natural body hormones, and at best they could simulate similar effects. Furthermore, when an external hormonal supply is forced through the body system, the human body may mistakenly interpret as an over supply situation and in turn decrease the natural secretion. The body’s endocrine system will degenerate slowly and should the external hormonal supply be terminated, the aging process would be accelerated. On the other hand, when the body is given sufficient raw materials for its own production of hormones to meet own needs, not only the hormonal balance in the body is regulated, the endocrine glands are being nourished as well. As the entire process is natural and in order, it is therefore the safest!

44. Can one get the face slimmed, breasts firmed and butt lifted with just a bottle of MAX3 Reborn Cream?

Yes, because hormones are closely linked to a person’s birth, growth, development as well as degeneration from aging. When a person is in the growing stage (especially for female), the body contour becomes more prominent, the skin has good tone and a glow due to the hormone level is on the increase until peaking off, then aging sets in, which coincides with the lowering of hormonal level! MAX3 Reborn Cream, assuming the role as a raw material supply source, is replenishing the falling level thereby correcting the aging signs and maintains the body functions!

45. MAX3 Reborn Cream has bust firming and slimming effects, if apply on the breasts directly, will the breasts become smaller?

It is importantly to know that hormones work on the body internally. Every gland has its unique function, that’s why during puberty, the chest of a girl becomes well developed but the waist contracted, instead of having the same effect! It is for the same reasoning that a boy does not develop into a woman! Our body is uniquely structured with independent and interdependent balancing ability. Hormones will affect the body as a whole and not only topically therefore the about situation will not arise.

46. What are the factors making MAX3 Reborn Cream so effective in restoring youth so rapidly?

(1) MAX3 Reborn Cream contains a very important ingredient call American Wild Yam, the molecular structure of which is very similar to that of a human hormone molecule. It is a precursor for more than 50 kinds of hormone. It can be transformed into the specific hormone that the body is in need. 

(2) MAX3 Reborn Cream also contain another important ingredient as Grape Seeds Extract which is effective against free radicals as it has 18 times of Vitamin C, and 50 times of Vitamin E properties. It also possesses good blood vessels, cleansing property that in turn speeds up the absorption of active components through the blood stream. 

(3) MAX3 Reborn Cream employed the latest nano-technology transmission system PET (Permeation Excipient Technology) as its delivery medium which is the reason why MAX3 Reborn Cream can be so effective.

47. Why is the reason that some users do not have significant reactions while some others have had some effects only at initially?

Reversing the effects of aging should be a long-term nourishing process. The objective is the maintenance of our youthful stage for a longer period. As long as the body is in a stable and healthy state, it should be a joyous occurrence, therefore if the body is already in a stable and healthy state, the body will not manifest any significant changes.

48. If 'healing crisis' appeared only at a particular part of the body, does it mean that area is not so healthy?

Yes, our body has many channels of eliminating toxins and our body has the natural ability to select the right channel. Usually that will occur at the weakest part of the body system, where attention is needed most.

49. If a user is suffering from muscular and joint pains, will he experience immediate relief? How long will the relief take effect? Is that an assurance? How many days?

No definite assurance. Hormones provide an overall impact and not as a specific and narrow spectrum treatment. It will have to depend on the individual’s health condition at time of usage. You could increase the quantity of use in order to speed up the desired result.

50. Will MAX3 Reborn Cream be able to treat every type of ailment or be used together with the therapies?

MAX3 Reborn Cream is only a healthcare product designed for external applications. It is meant to increase the self healing ability for the user. Should medical attention be required, we strongly recommend me to seek the advice from the medical professionals.

51. Is MAX3 Reborn Cream a steroid?

MAX3 Reborn Cream does not contain any steroid. We have many test reports to prove that it does not contain any hormone as an ingredient, therefore it is safe for consumption.

52. If I only apply Max3 Reborn Cream without the massage, will the result be different?

Massage will provide relief for stiff muscles and aches. It promotes absorption and is a form of aid from outside in. MAX3 Reborn Cream can regulate and normalize glandular secretions which are inside out kind of effect. When the two forms of aid are combined, the result certainly will be more significant. When the cream is applied without massage, the active ingredients will be absorbed all the same. So long as the product ingredients are absorbed, results will be there.

53. Does MAX3 Reborn Cream have side effects? Will it be in conflict with other medications?

According to Dr. Dalton and the research and publications of other medical professionals, both synthetic hormones and natural hormones may give rise to menstruation like uterine bleeding. However, with continuous usage of natural hormones, only very few patients experienced further uterine bleeding. With reference to the reports on uterine bleeding, it mostly happened during the initial first or second menstrual cycle; from the 3 rd to 5 th cycle menstrual flow generally stabilizes and bleeding would stop. Until now, no incident of cancer contraction due to the use of natural hormone therapy was recorded. Instead, there are medical reports registering the use of self-generated hormone therapy to treat cancer of the womb. There is no report registering that MAX3 Reborn Cream has adverse conflict with other medicines.

54. If after using MAX3 Reborn Cream, I still experiencing menstrual pains during the first two days, what should I do?

If the pains are spasmodic pains, very likely you have had similar episodes before. Should you continue with the usage, your menstrual pains shall be shortened from several hours to a totally painless episode after 3 to 4 menstrual cycles. Therefore we strongly suggest that you should increase the frequency of your daily usage as well as quantity used.

55. Can a mother using MAX3 Reborn Cream breastfeed her baby?

We do not recommend that the mother to apply MAX3 Reborn Cream while breast feeding her baby because the raw ingredients of MAX3 Reborn Cream may get into mother's milk and be consumed by the baby who may be too young to have the ability to neutralize them.