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1. What battery voltage can i use i-Mini?

6 to12 Volts batteries are suitable for i-Mini as the computer programs is design to suit multiple voltage from 6 to 12 volts. Normally smaller motorcycle use 6 volts, bigger motorcycle that is 600cc or above normally use 12 volts. No switching is necessary when you use i-Mini on these 2 voltages, so just connect and use it to enjoy all the benefits.

2. Where can I install i-Mini on my motorcycle?

You can install at any place you want, or make extension connection to the i-Mini wires, any place that keep i-MINI from water and environment corrosion damage. Suggested places are, in the battery chamber, underneath the seats. If you need to do some body works to the place you need to install, just contact a professional to do it to avoid injury during the installation process.

3. Why sometime I hear clicking noise from i-Mini when I start my motorcycle?

Don't worry about that, as it shows that your motorcycle's alternator is in poor working condition and has not reached its working voltage. So i-Mini detection circuit will detect low in supply voltage and the sensor will produce some clicking noise. This will disappear after your motorcycle reaches its working voltage. If the clicking noise persists, consult your local workshop to check both alternator and battery, see which one is malfunction.

4. How many percent of power or fuel saving I can observed from i-Mini?

We don't a standard answer for this question as it is very dependent on the original efficiency of your motorcycle engines. Some newer engines, where most of the components are still new, you will enjoy more power but observe slight improvement on fuel consumption when using i-Mini. Older engines will see more changes after use. But regardless of any motorcycle, it is almost impossible for the alternator and battery to perform at its best, so i-Mini will definitely help once you install. Japan Zeromax has performed some test and show that the saving is from 10-30% on various motorcycles.

5. What is the lifetime of i-Mini?

The operator can activate this optional feature during installation. Audible and visual alarms, which indicate the tire position, are triggered when a tire’s pressure increases to 25% above your tires’ recommended baseline pressures. These baselines pressures are easily programmed during setup of the i-Check.Japan Zeromax offer a 12 months warranty to i-Mini user who purchased from MXB. Expected lifetime is minimum 5 years, up to 10 years easily. Lifetime differs as different motorcycles will has different using condition. Anytime within warranty period, MXB will exchange free i-Mini one to one when received defective unit.

6. What warranty on our motorcycles besides the product warranty?

MXB has insured a total sum of USD500,000 (US Dollars 500 Thousands) worldwide on product liability insurance. And if i-Mini is proven by an authorized third party that it has caused any damage to your motorcycle under normal working condition, insurance will cover the losses to your vehicle up to the maximum of USD500,000.

7. Why I find i-Mini is hot after I use it for a while?

i-Mini will not get hot at all, it is the engine heat from your motorcycle heat the aluminum body of i-Mini and you feel warm when you touch it. Inside i-Mini circuit, there is not even one single electronic part will emit heat during i-Mini doing its job. So no heat is dissipated from i-Mini, but heat from your engine warm i-Mini. Do not worry if the engine heat will damage i-Mini as all components are made to withstand high heat and vibration when Japan ZEROMAX design i-Mini.