1) Attend MXB Business Opportunity Presentation (BOP)/ Event

To listen & understand Company background, Product knowledge and features, business plan, system, business & product testimony sharing etc.

2) Become a product user

Use the products personally & feel it and share it with your prospects. You can convince your prospects easily with your own testimony. Besides, you can improve your health condition from time to time.

3) Don’t sell products but share the products

Experience the products & share the products features and benefits instead of sell the products. We share the product concept Eg “Ultimate Detox” and you are able to explain well to your customer.

4) Have products all the time

In order to provide a better support and services to your customers, having enough stocks in hand is a must and it can ensure your customers to purchase the products on the spot.

5) Get ready the marketing tools

Please get ready all the marketing tools such as testimony booklet, testimony video (via smart phone), tape recorder, Marketing Plan and product booklet, name cards etc are recommended in order to perform your work well.

6) Good attitude

Maintain and improve a successful image for yourself such as your manners, attire, attitude, conversation and habits. Your customers will like you all the times.

7) Listing & Invitation

List down your prospects as many as possible and keep them close to you. Please be reminded that everyone is your potential prospect. Invite your prospects or/and customer to the meeting for further explanation and convince them. Your appointment should be reconfirmed.

8) Follow up & Service

You are encouraged to follow up with your prospects after the business meeting within 24 hours and to meet up with them personally. Your positive and humble attitude is a main reason to convince prospects to make their decision.

9) Time management

Time management is very important especially when you are involve and doing MXB business.