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Through the effects of power corrective device, voltage and current stabilization; the usage of electrical power is maximized to achieve the objective of prolonging the lifespan of the equipment. I-Power applies the principle of wave-filtering reactance to filter the harmonic wave and regulates the voltage to a practical range to provide high quality electrical supply for lighting and electrical devices, reduce ineffective electrical power, elevate power factor and thereby reduces electrical consumption.
Product specification
  • Classification by voltages: single-phase 110V, 220V and tri-phase 380V, 440V; and high-voltage products
  • Classification by electric current: can be customized for single-phase as well as tri-phase of 26A and above.
  • Classification by operational functions: manual, standard, economic and timer-controlled.
  • Classification by usages: indoors, outdoors (water-proof), and wall-mounted.
  • Can be customized according to the actual needs of the user.

The Advantages of i-Power
1. Balancing of voltage and electric current:
By applying the technique of electromagnetism balancing, it is able to regulate the voltage in the reactance to balance the operation of magnetic wave and electric current so as to balance of voltage in the wire.
2. Regulate suitable voltage:
i-Power is able to regulate the operational voltage load of the various electrical equipments, i.e. supply a ±5% voltage rating to the operational voltage range, so that the load is able to operate within a suitable voltage range so as to save on electricity.
3. Eliminate the effect of harmonic wave:
The special material in i-Power is able to absorb the harmful harmonic wave that is generated during the delivery of electric current so that sine wave is unhindered and the lifespan of the equipment is thus prolonged.
4. Reduce electric current surges:
The reactance effect in i-Power is able to improve external electric current surge by 90 degrees and absorb ineffective electric power. Power factor is thus elevated and leading current phenomenon will not appear.
5. Resist electromagnetic interference:
Its reactance effect is also able to resist the impact of abnormal voltages and thus achieve the effect of protecting the equipment.
6. Prevent short circuits:
Due to i-Power’s ability to reduce ineffective electric current in the wire, it is thus able to reduce the load in the conductor. Overheating of wire or short circuits, are mainly caused by overloaded conductor. Therefore, reducing the electric current in the circuit reduces the possibility of short circuits.
7. Elevate the power factor of the equipment:
i-Power is also able to elevate the power factor. However, it is different from a capacitor in the sense that the latter is equipment for replacing reactive power whereas the former is able to directly absorb ineffective power. Therefore, power factor can be elevated. Once the power factor is elevated, the operational effectiveness of equipment will be improved.
8. Prolong the equipment’s lifespan:
i-Power is a type of setup that is able to provide practical electric power load and also eliminate harmful excessive voltage and electric current. Therefore, the equipment is able to operate under high quality electric current. Hence, prolonged lifespan is definite.
9. Elevate load capacity:
i-Power is able to elevate the load capacity by more than 15%. The output of the transformer and the circuit breaker is limited by the electric current. As i-Power is able to elevate power factor as well as reduce electric current, it has the residual electric power to supply to other equipment. Therefore, the same device is able to undertake more load.

10. Reduce the loss of circuitry:
i-Power is able to elevate power factor because part of the ineffective electric power in the circuitry has been absorbed by i-Power. The reduction of ineffective electric power in the circuit reduces the total voltage in the circuit. Loss of circuitry and total voltage in the circuit are directly related. A decrease in total voltage will definitely reduce circuitry loss.
11. Improve flickering situation:
A change in electric current load affects the voltage. It will cause flickers in lighting, fluorescent lamp, television. Equipment becomes damaged more easily. Flickers tire the eyes and may even hurt them. As i-Power regulates the voltage and the electric current, as well as stabilizes the equipment’s power, flickers that are caused by irregular voltage and electric current, are reduced.
12. Reduce the cost of electricity:
A survey of 1000 listed American corporations conducted by an American authority in finance and economics magazines, revealed two startling findings: Electricity cost constitutes a third or a fourth of the total costs of a corporation. A corporation does not seem to be able to control its electrical expenses. This is a cost that is relatively large among all other expenses in a corporation. Sadly however, most of the corporations have not been able to control this cost effectively. Payment to the utility company will be in accordance with the amount stated in the bill as it seems uncontrollable and it is a must to pay up. Over time, these corporations have spent a huge sum on unjustified electrical expenses.

For the few corporations and users that have taken note to control electrical expenses, they have been brain-washed by the utility company, media as well as those who do not understand the laws pertaining to electricity. Many had the wrong notion that saving electricity is equivalent to stealing electricity. They wish to control the electrical expenses but do not dare to do so. The lack of legal knowledge is the main cause of wastages in electrical expenses in corporations and users. I-Power is a device that maximizes the use of electrical power and avoids wastages. It is able to provide the most practical power factor for all types of electrical devices and hence, reduce the cost of electricity. The device is installed at a legally allowed location and fully complied with the law on electricity.

User Guide
The Creation of i-POWER

Our modern living cannot be possible without the presence of electrical power. We need wide variety of electrical products to assist our normal day living to ease our life. For example, when you at home, you can get clean water hot and cold at a turn on your tap water, frozen food are meters away from you in the fridge, cooked rice and fried foods, clothes laundry and all handy devices you need to operate, are very dependent on electrical power. More than 80% of our daily needed electrical energy are generated by fossil (oil) burning power plants. And followed by charcoal burning is our secondary source of electrical energy generated from. So call new source of energy like nuclear power, wind power, water power, solar power etc, still not enough to cover 10% of current day power needed. And we all now, by another 100 years, we will be out of fossil energy supply, which mean, the limited resources will definitely increase our electrical bill in near future. We can feel that now, when we see highly increase electrical bill this month compare to years ago. Since we cannot live without this energy supply, we have to manage or improve efficiency on using energy to reduce cost we spend on everyday activities.

By doing so, we can enjoy same standard of living without giving up conveniences. And to do so, we need to understand a technical term, we call “Power Factor”. Nowadays, high tech countries like JAPAN and USA, European Nations, etc, they uses a lot of microchip in newly designed electrical devices so to use AI (Artificial Intelligent) to improve Power Factor of their new electrical products. This will not only save power consumption but at the same time reduce carbon emission for greener environment. But most of our Asian products made in development countries are not so high tech and other factory like selling price, production cost, infringement of patents, and lack of technical know-how etc. hold us back from making high efficient electrical products. Plus our consumers are not ready to know power management on electricity, so they make decision in getting new electrical products mainly by the appearance design and pricing, without knowing that, even they get the product at lower price, but in actual fact they will end up paying more as the Power Factor of the purchased item are really low. So they have to pay more money every time they use it. Averagely, more than 70% of current house hold appliances are built without power saver circuit, so with our newly design i-POWER, we use newest tech with computer chip and voltage-current phase adjustor, it can improve Power Factor of your house hold electrical devices to achieve power saving, , better energy efficiency and regulate supplied voltage, so to make your monthly electrical bill lower, prolong your electrical products life-span, and achieve better Power Factor for greener environment.

Before Using i-POWER
  1. This model of i-POWER is specially design for area that supplied voltage is range from 200V-240V. Please check and confirmed your area are in this voltage range. DO NOT use this model of i-POWER in 100-110V area.

  2. Try to use i-POWER with all other house hold electrical devices you have in one connected circuit. Like in Kitchen area, connect fridge, washing machine, lamps and lights, water heater etc in 1 circuit. But if your devices are too far apart, then you will need more than 1 unit of i-POWER to achieve good results.

  3. If you are not sure of what electrical devices are connected in 1 loop, you can use i-POWER at those power socket that connect to high consumption products like fridge, TV, air-cond, etc.

  4. Use extension wires if necessary, you can use one of the port on the extension for i-POWER and the rest for devices you need to improve Power Factor. But DO NOT overload the wire extension unit that you buy ! Check the maximum load bearable on the product before you use ! Also use only those with safety pass from your country authority. Our company will not be responsible on any damage or accident occurs due to the overloading of devices on extension wire ports you use.

  5. Japan ZEROMAX do 3 Quality Control check before shipping out each i-POWER to our valued customer. Each component was carefully checked, function of i-POWER, and the outer look of the i-POWER etc, too. So you can safely and comfortably use i-POWER when you received them.

How to Install i-Power

Recommended i-Power Installation Method
  1. Check and make sure your house hold supply voltage is 200V-240V.

  2. i-POWER is designed by Japan ZEROMAX, so the outer look of the device is Japanese look and the power plug is also made to Japan specification. But the inner circuit has been specially redesign to suit 200-240V area, so we enclosed 2 pieces of special adaptor connectors in this export kit. Please ensure you use the right connector for your area. There is another adaptor that looks like twin-peaks, is for holding i-POWER on the vertical wall straight to avoid over stressed on i-POWER when installed. Stick this twin peak connector when you use i-POWER on vertical wall.

  3. After you have checked all connectors and apply them correctly, you can plug i-POWER into your house power socket.

  4. Turn on the Power Switch on the side of i-POWER, you will see the front LED glow, and it means i-POWER has started its function from that moment.

  5. This export model of i-POWER has this special LED indicator, which is specially design to work as a night assist lamp, so it will light up the path or corner where you install i-POWER. So you can plan and use i-POWER at the corner you need some cozy light in the night.

  6. i-POWER special LED light is made from low consumption super bright LED, so it consume almost no energy compare to what i-POWER is going to save you back. So enjoy this extra benefit without worrying your will have higher electrical bill.

CE Certification & Test

CE Certification & Test

CE logoi-Power 3000 has the most stringent safety, performance and reliability test conducted by international and
local approving statutory bodies. It is CE tested & technically compliant with the :
EN61000-6-3:2007, EN61000-6-1:2007, EN61000-4-2:2008, EN61000-4-3:2006, EN61000-4-4:2004,
EN61000-4-5:2005, EN61000-4-6:2008, EN61000-4-8:2001, EN61000-4-11:2004 requirements.

i-Power CE Comformity i-Power 3000 Electricity Saver has gone through the following stringent tests :-
  1. Conducted Emission Measurement
  2. Radiated Emission Measurement
  3. Power Harmonic Measurement
  4. Voltage Fluctuations
  5. Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Test (ESD)
  6. Radiated Emission Measurement (RS)
  7. Electrical Fast Transient / Burst (EFT)
  8. Surge Test
  9. Immunity Test To CS Conducted Disturbance (CS)
  10. Power Frequency Magnetic Field (Magnetic)
  11. Voltage Dips And Interruption Measurement
  12. Performance Criteria
  13. Modification List For EMC Complying Test (EMC)

CE Test Photos
Test Photos
Test Photos


Some frequent questions we face when we sell i-POWER in Japan.
  1. How does i-POWER save electrical energy?
    When you turn on i-POWER, immediately it will improve Power Factor (Pf) of all your house hold devices. (To understand what is Power Factor you can read next Q&A, it will explain more concept, theory and technical side in more details). By doing so, your house hold devices has better Pf, hence lower starting power and more stable circuitry voltage and current is obtained. And it will then further enhance the Pf and reduce power consumption.

  2. What is Power Factor Pf?
    Our house supplied voltage is Alternating Current. (Unlike Direct current circuit, there is no alternating frequency, hence the Pf is 1 at all time.) So when we apply this alternating energy on loads (which mean your electrical devices), besides the existing “Measurable Resistance” there is another “Virtual Resistance” that will be created when that device has capacitive or coil like built in element. Technically, this virtual resistance will in return affect the supplied alternating voltage and current cannot coherence on the same phase through time. And Power which is the rate of work done by a device, is directly affected by Voltage x Current (V x I), So when you check both Voltage and Current curve at any 1 time, you will find they never overlap each other, so the Power Factor is always smaller than 1. Ideally, Pf should be 1 when the Voltage and Current are in the same phase thru time. so when Pf not = 1, from the equation, P = V x I x Pf / t, we need more power to achieve same work done needed for the same device.

    Virtual resistance is induced by all kind of coil and capacitors in the current house hold devices, we cannot measure them from a physical ohms meter, but we do observe energy lost when we use the device. And by using formulae from physics laws, we know they exist. Too bad, we cannot make our house electrical devices without capacitor or coil motors in them, so virtual resistance is everywhere in your house. This virtual resistance affect the phase shift of the voltage and current supplied, so the band curve of Voltage and Current can never coherence, hence Power Factor is always smaller than 1. Hence our electrical appliances will need more energy to get the same work done. As an example if Pf =0.7 then we need 1/0.7 =1.428 times (42.80% extra) of energy to produce same work for those device that has a Pf =1.

  3. Since i-POWER can improve Pf , in term of energy saving, how much will it be?
    We know that each electrical products companies have different marketing strategies including costing, design etc., so in will turn out same kind of products from different companies will have different Power Factor. For instance, Japan made and china made product will sure have different Pf. In Japan, 1 Watt of electrical power charge by Japan electrical company will be much more higher than same Watt charge in China due to its expensive living expenses. So Japanese maker will place a lot of weight in how to reduce power consumption when consider cost of producing an item compare to other Asian countries. So these products, customer pay more during purchase, but pay less later on electrical bill. But some countries, maker target is number of unit sales, so selling point become first priority. In addition, majority of the consumer are not technically told or trained on electrical field, so they dont understand much about power factory or pay more later, so they tend to choose cheaper products when they made decision on buying. Usually, they finally were offered low Power Factor products. But with i-POWER, even if you have very low Pf products, those built in chip and circuit in i-POWER can help to improve Pf to higher value, hence more efficient products and lower consumption on energy range from 10-50%.

  4. So if i-POWER is really that good, why not electrical company install this product in everyone house?
    I think you know the only income for an electrical company is electrical bill from us. So more power we use = more income for the company. So energy saving device in another hand is reducing income of a company, so it is against business benefit and no one will want to do that if he is working in that company.

  5. Using i-POWER is it consider as cheating electrical company?
    Since i-POWER is install in any of the electrical socket in your house, and not connected to the bill meter or before the meter, so that is no reason how it can affect the meter. You can install i-POWER in any socket in your house to do its job, or use an wire extension, connect it to any current electrical device in your house, it is just like another CD player or cooker you have just bought from the market. It will not affect the meter reading but only improve the power factor of your in house devices. So no way i-POWER can be claimed as cheating the meter or electrical company.

  6. Is i-POWER the only device in the market saving house energy?
    No, in most of the giant factories, they have big built in unit similar to our i-POWER which cost hundreds of thousands, or even million dollars to built, as they pay a lot of money on electrical bills, without said devices, the cost will be a bomb. And if they do not built that, electrical company will ask them to do so, if not too much lost of Power Factor will suffer the electrical company too. Today, using same idea, we minimize the design and make it portable and handy for house hold usage. And through MXB company we are really glad to have this opportunity to introduce this product to you.

  7. How long can i-POWER last?
    Japan Zeromax company give 1 year warranty to all i-POWER buyer. In fact i-POWER life-span is dependent on your in house current electrical circuit. If your current circuitry is stable (which mean the layout of wiring and all devices you use) then i-POWER will have very long life-span. If not it will be shorter. But Japan market has shown, minimum life-span on i-POWER on worst situation is at least 4-5 years, and easily more than 10 years if use in a right way.

  8. Is there any restriction when using i-POWER? How can I assure all products in my house is taken care of after using i-POWER?
    Just like our house circuitry, we have different fuses and control to separate our circuit to different supply to avoid overloading at the same time, when accident happen, it won’t paralyze everything at once. But since all circuitry will finally connected to 1 main meter for power reading, so I can safely say, basically our in house circuitry is all connected, But due to the nature of resistance and property of circuit, current will tend to flow to lower resistance circuit, so if you install an i-POWER too far away from designated device you need to improve Power Factor, it will not be so efficient. And when 1 circuitry breakdown, and happen i-POWER is on this circuit, it will then stop working until this circuitry is repaired. And once the circuitry is repaired and back to normal, i-POWER will start to work again immediately.

  9. So how many units of i-POWER we need in order to maximize the energy saving performance?
    Even though i-POWER can indirectly work on all circuitry in our house, but we know when the products get too far away from i-POWER, resistance will be created in between the product and i-POWER, so the efficiency drop dramatically. Also if you have too many products connected to 1 i-POWER, it will results in overloading the i-POWER which cannot regulate too many changes at 1 time, hence will reduce the results of i-POWER. It is better to use i-POWER near the devices you need. The best if you use 2 or 3 pcs, at far away corner of your house to obtain maximum results. Especially, in your kitchen as most of the electrical devices is highly power consumption.

  10. How safe is it to use i-POWER?
    To meet high quality and demanding criteria from our customers, we use flame-resistance material to built the i-POWER casing. And we have built in high-thermal cut off computer chip to turn off itself when i-POWER detects over loaded current flow or voltage raise. And only when voltage and current back to normal, it will then restore to its working condition later. So it is 100% save to use i-POWER, and with our triple (3x) QC inspection, all i-POWER is very safe before they arrive in your hand.